Snake Eye Vision


The program simulates movement detection and vision of the snake eye

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Cognaxon  |  9 more applications - April 11, 2014
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Publisher's description

Some animals, like for example many species of snakes, have poor eyesight, however their eyes are still best at detecting movement. Snakes have been known to glide past creatures that remain motionless.

The program simulates vision of the snake eye and demonstrates why the snake is unable to see you when you have stopped moving.

The program requires video capture device (e.g. web camera).

Minimum requirements

• Intel Pentium
• 16 MB RAM

Additional info

Operating system: Win 98, Win Me, Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003, Win Vista, Win Server 2008, Win 7, Win 8, Win NT

Uninstaller: not included

Release date: 2006-05-24

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